The Evolution of a Full Stack Developer: A Journey of Continuous Learning and Innovation

Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technical Expertise

The Evolution of a Full Stack Developer: A Journey of Continuous Learning and Innovation

Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technical Expertise
In the complex world of web development, it’s rare to encounter a professional who seamlessly blends creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and a strong technical skill set. I am proud to embody these characteristics.

Over the years, I’ve continually dedicated myself to my craft, making a point to self-learn and actively identify opportunities to broaden my knowledge and bolster my skills.

Over 15 years ago, my career path took a significant turn from sales to the dynamic world of web development. This period was marked by the growth and evolution of my own agency, which at its peak, comprised a dedicated team of six staff members. During these formative years, I embarked on a journey of self-education, mastering HTML,  javascript, SEO, PPC and various other facets of web development and internet marketing. The practical application of these skills is showcased in the numerous successful projects I’ve led.

The pandemic brought unforeseen challenges, necessitating a downsizing of my team and leading to the rebranding of my business as Host Dada. Today, as a Nominet accredited partner, Host Dada offers a suite of services including domain name registration, website hosting, SSL certificate sales, and Microsoft products, affirming our status as a Microsoft Channel partner.

In parallel, I run ScrapUK, a lead generation enterprise. This venture annually generates over 30,000 leads for car salvage businesses nationally, serving as a robust demonstration of my prowess in internet marketing, SEO, and my entrepreneurial spirit.

Beyond my extensive experience in organic SEO, I am Google-certified for display and search ads, showcasing proficiency in a range of digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics, SEMrush, and Ahrefs. These skills, combined with my knack for developing engaging, responsive websites, have consistently resulted in driving substantial traffic and enhancing the online visibility of the projects I undertake.

Award Winning Full-Stack Developer & digital marketing Expert

Range of Skills

I am well-versed with a wide array of technical skills, spanning from front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React to back-end technologies such as Node.js, MySQL, and MongoDB. These highly coveted skills in today’s job market strengthen my candidacy for numerous roles.

Certifications & Awards

My participation in the University of Birmingham Coding Bootcamp and the subsequent recognition through the Anna Lebiedziewics Outstanding Student Award is a testament to my commitment to continuous learning and ability to excel academically.

Business Experience

I have embarked on entrepreneurial ventures, successfully launching and managing businesses like Host Dada and ScrapUk. This has endowed me with leadership skills, an entrepreneurial mindset, and practical understanding of web technologies

SEO and Digital Marketing Expertise

My experience and certifications in SEO and Google Ads, coupled with proficiency in tools such as Google Analytics, SEMRush, and Ahrefs, augment my technical skills. This amalgamation of skills could pave the way for roles where both programming and digital marketing skills are requisites.

Professional Certifications & Awards

I hold a Google AdWords Certification, validating my expertise in harnessing the power of digital advertising to drive traffic, generate leads, and boost online visibility. In addition to this, as an official Nominet Channel Partner, I am a recognised domain name registrar, a testament to my comprehensive understanding of web hosting and domain management.

Excellent Communication Skills

My superior communication skills set me apart from other candidates who may primarily possess technical skills. These skills have been honed through a diverse range of experiences, from my time in sales where clear and persuasive communication was key, to active involvement in various projects where teamwork, understanding, and clarity of expression were crucial

Committed to continuous growth and learning, I enrolled in the University of Birmingham’s Coding Boot Camp in 2022. This intensive six-month program enabled me to explore various aspects of web development, from the fundamentals like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to advanced topics including MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js (the MERN Stack).

During the boot camp, I covered a wide range of topics, delving into the intricacies of algorithms, data structures, and performance in computer science as applied to JavaScript, browser-based technologies, API design, databases, and server-side development. My dedication was acknowledged as I received the Anna Lebiedziewics Outstanding Student Award, graduating with an A+ grade.

Post boot camp, I emerged as a well-rounded full-stack developer, equipped with a unique mix of front-end and back-end skills. My entrepreneurial flair is apparent in my role as Director of Host Dada, a hosting provider and official Nominet Channel Partner, therefore, an official domain name registrar. My expertise in managing Apache servers, implementing effective backup and security strategies, and automating aspects of a web hosting business demonstrates my extensive technical abilities.

Whether you’re a prospective client in search of an experienced, creative-minded developer, or an employer seeking a full-stack developer with an entrepreneurial spirit and proven track record, I offer the perfect blend of skills and experience. 

The Anna Lebiedziewics Outstanding Student Award